We do more than just Physics

The Physics Coach offers Nat 5 and Higher online tutorial sessions for Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics. We help students achieve outstanding results.
David Sudding, Physics Coach owner

Welcome from The Physics Coach

The Physics Coach offers small group, interactive, online tutoring services in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and of course Physics at Nat 5 and Higher levels.

Our 75 minute interactive online classes, which have been proven to work very effectively, are delivered weekly via zoom with a maximum of 10 students attending each session to ensure that all students have ample opportunity to get the support they need, while also benefiting from the questions asked by their peers. Existing users can login to the TutorBird Parent / Student Portal here.

Our fully qualified and experienced teachers, all of whom have exceptional subject knowledge and have experience of marking for the Scottish Qualifications Authority, follow a set curriculum for each subject that is published in advance and our ‘cameras on’ approach and interactive techniques ensure full engagement with each pupil in the session.

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Key Subjects


National 5 covers Dynamics, Space, Electricity, Properties of Matter, Waves and Radiation.

Higher covers Our Dynamic Universe, Particles and Waves and Electricity.


National 5 covers Chemical Changes and Structure, Nature’s Chemistry and Chemistry in Society.

Higher covers Chemical Changes and Structures, Nature’s Chemistry, Chemistry in Society and Researching Chemistry.


National 5 covers Cell Biology, Mutlicellular Organisms and Life on Earth.

Higher covers DNA and the Genome, Metabolism and Survival and Sustainability and Interdependence.

Higher HUMAN Biology covers Human Cells, Physiology and Health and Neurobiology and Immunology.


National 5 covers Numerical, Algebraic, Geometric, Trigonometric, Statistical and Reasoning Skills.

Higher covers Algebraic, Trigonometric, Geometric, Calculus and Reasoning Skills.

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Our class schedule

At The Physics Coach our sessions run weekly to a set timetable.

If our timetable doesn’t meet your needs, please get in touch and let us know as more classes can be added throughout the academic year based on demand.

Classes are block booked for 1 month at a time and those already booked on to our sessions are automatically allocated a slot in the next block.