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Online – we only deliver online sessions.

The Physics Coach provides a service for pupils across Scotland.  We moved to online teaching following  the pandemic.  Since then, we have decided to remain online rather than provide in person sessions.  Not only does this benefit our students outwith commuting distance from where the teachers are based,  it has reduced our environmental impact by eliminating in excess of 6000 short car journeys per year.

That is a question I ask myself on a regular basis! When I started the company, I had planned to only cover physics, however, it was so successful, and the style of the sessions met the needs of so many students they asked for support with other subjects. We are proud of the fact we cover Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.

The cost is £20 per 75-minute session.  It is the same price for National 5 and Higher.  All of our subjects are this price.

Our sessions are delivered online via Zoom.  A lesson schedule is published on the website (View here) at the start of each block of lessons (typically a calendar month).  When you sign up you are issued with a Zoom Code that is valid for the block of lessons.  Lessons are delivered via Zoom and are designed to be interactive.  Students are expected to look over the topic being taught in advance of each session.

A session will typically start with a lesson starter covering work from previous week(s). The next topic is then introduced with the students being asked questions to check prior knowledge an understanding.  Finally the students should then attempt past paper questions with feedback given by the teacher.  The lessons are designed to be interactive with students expected to offer answers either by using a dry wipe board or answering verbally.

Our timetable develops throughout the year. As classes fill up / demand grows we constantly add additional classes. If we currently don’t offer a subject / level on a night that suits, please let us know as with the right demand we can add classes.

Students can screenshot any work they wish.  We do not take formal notes as we believe there are enough resources available on the internet and of course textbooks are available for all of the subjects we cover.

We do not offer 1-2-1 sessions. Our tutors only deliver online group sessions.

Class sizes are limited to 10 students per class.

The sessions are NOT recorded. Pupils are NOT allowed to record the sessions.

The tutors are fully qualified teachers who have vast experience of delivering National 5 and Higher in their specialist subject.  All the tutors have experience of marking for the SQA. Find out more here.

To reserve a place please complete the online booking form that can be found here.

Should a student decide they no longer wish to attend our sessions we will give a full refund for any sessions left in the block, however, we must receive 72 hours notice to allow us to allocate the place to another student.

Should you wish your young person to stop attending at the end of a block we would be obliged if you could inform us via e-mail as soon as possible so the space can be offered to someone on the waiting list.


Payment is by bank transfer.  You will pay for either the full block (typically 4 sessions) if starting at the start of a month or for the number of weeks left if starting in the middle of a block / month.

Account holder name: The Physics Coach Ltd (Please note this is a business account)
Sort Code: 60 83 71
Account Number: 67811641

Please use the student’s name as the reference.

We prefer money to be paid in blocks to reduce admin, however, please contact a member of The Physics Coach team if this is an issue.

If a student cannot attend any of the lessons within a block the missed lesson must still be paid for. Our pricing model is based on students attending all lessons within a block which allows us to keep the cost per lesson to a minimum – Our pricing model is very competitive compared to similar companies.  It is based on students attending all sessions in each block.

We believe the consistency wins the day! Turning up every week and learning from experienced, fully qualified teachers is better than cramming revision in the weeks leading up to exams.

You are automatically reserved a place in the following block. We write to you towards the end of the current block asking if you wish to continue. At that point we publish the lesson schedule so you know what will be taught and invoice you for the month ahead.

A detailed lesson schedule is published at the start of each block / month (View here).  Students are encouraged to look over the topics being covered in advance of attending.

Yes, absolutely.  We will update the invoice to reflect that you have not attended  all of the sessions.  You will only be asked to pay for the sessions remaining in the block.

This can happen and is something you will need to discuss with your child.  Many students like to be introduced to a topic at The Physics Coach so that they have prior knowledge before covering it at school.

We ask that students bring a dry wipe board and pens.  This makes it easier for the teachers to check the answers that students give – please note it is extremely difficult for the teachers to read answers written by pen / paper – dry wipe boards are essential.

In addition to the above the students should bring any resources they would have in school – depending on subject these will be:


Data Sheets

Relationship Sheets

Periodic Table

We don’t.  We believe that regular revision is better than “cramming” before the exams.  We may put on an extra session depending on exam dates, however, it will not be half days / full days during Easter holidays.

  1. Please feel free to contact The Physics Coach with any additional questions you may have.  It is important that our tutoring model is right for both parents and student so please get in touch.